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griet teck

LASSUS, the Penitential Psalms

a film by GRIET TECK

An intimate conversation with three detained women about

music, guilt, penance and redemption.



How do we deal with confession and penance today? With the Penitential Psalms of Lassus as a guide, filmmaker Griet Teck and historian Maud Seuntjens initiated conversation with three women from the Penitentiary Complex in Bruges. Within the walls and strict regulations of the prison, a different world exists. The women themselves can not be portrayed, but with music as a medium and the texts of the Old Testament as a source of inspiration; Griet Teck sketches an intimate portrait of three women and their personal experience of penance and guilt. 

directed by & cinematography GRIET TECK


sound design MARIJN CLIJSTERS 


graphic design PATTY KAES 

a co-production by Musica, Impulse centre for MusicConcertgebouw Brugge in collaboration with Psallentes led by Hendrik Vanden Abeele, Penitentiary Center Bruges and De Rode Antraciet.

Belgian premiere : Concertgebouw Brugge - May 25,  2019

info & screenings

Bianca Van Roosbroeck:

Country: Belgium - Production date: 2019 - Duration: 34' - HD 16/9

Language: Dutch & French  / Subtitling: Dutch, English


© Musica, Impulsce centre for Music - Belgium 2019


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