Griet Teck (º1982) is a filmmaker based in Ghent (Belgium) with an interest in the arts and a peculiar focus on the human condition and its unspoken dynamics. During the film process Teck does not use a script or narrative. Instead she observes and departs from the daily rituals which shape our lives. Projects often take years to develop and are based on strong mutual engagement. 

In her work she unravels our relationship to time, vulnerability and love in an unbiased and almost palpable way.

After obtaining her Master in the Audiovisual Arts at KASK in Ghent she made the award winning film JOHAN, where she followed the daily rituals of her own autistic brother. This very personal experience refined her ability to feel and look beyond what we see. It led to the making of FEEL MY LOVE, Teck’s debut feature documentary which premiered at the International Festival of Rotterdam in 2014 where it became a public’s darling.


Currently in post-production is TOUCHING INFINITY, Griet Teck's second creative documentary feature on life, when the end of it is in sight. Produced by Wild Heart Productions, co-produced by Canvas and supported by VAF and Tax Shelter. 

© Stephan Vanfleteren