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griet teck

Griet Teck (º1982) is a filmmaker based in Ghent (Belgium) with a passion for the arts and a particular focus on the human condition. During the film process Teck does not use a script or narrative. Instead, she observes and departs from the daily rituals which shape our lives. Her projects often take several years to develop and require strong mutual engagement. In her work she unravels our relationship with time, vulnerability and love in an unbiased and almost palpable way.

After earning a Master's degree in Audiovisual Arts from KASK in Ghent, Teck created the award-winning film JOHAN, which followed the daily rituals of her brother who has autism. This personal experience refined her ability to feel and look beyond what we see. It led to the creation of her debut feature documentary, FEEL MY LOVEabout dementia. The film premiered at the International Film Festival of Rotterdam in 2014 and became a crowd favorite.


Teck's second creative documentary feature, TOUCHING INFINITY explores the end of life and premiered at the DOCVILLE International Documentary Film Festival in Leuven in October 2020. The film was released in cinemas and was nominated for the Ensor for Best Belgian Documentary. 

Transience, silence, love and fragility recurring themes in Teck's work. In 2016, she was selected for the Berlinale Talents. Teck's other filmic collaborations include LASSUS, the penitential psalms, A line is a line is a line and the visual essay à la rencontre de l'intensité, which is on display at the S.M.A.K. museum in Ghent until March 5, 2023.


In November 2022, TOUCHING INFINITY (Tocando El Infinito) was released in Spain by Bosco Films. 

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