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griet teck

a short film by GRIET TECK

In this sober handheld yet static black & white portrait, Griet Teck follows the daily rituals of

her autistic brother Johan. Poetry and brutal reality blend together in a very personal and

touching story where humanity is the central theme.

Johan test 1.jpg

"Griet Teck dares, in these times of art for art’s sake, or the opposite, art criticism by means of art, to choose for a small personal story. In this sober black/white short she follows the monotone days of her autistic brother. The repetitions in her editing are the repetitions in his life. She portrays him in a very raw, piercing way and transcends in that way the genre of documentary. 

(De Standaard - 9.11.2010)

directed, cinematography & editing by GRIET TECK

Country: Belgium - Production date: 2010 - Duration: 8'

video - aspect ratio: 4:3

Language: Dutch  / Subtitling: English


© Griet Teck, Belgium 2010


Laureate Frappant Xpo (competition young artists), exhibited at the KBC-tower, Antwerp, 6/2010

Dag van de Kunstuitleen, Kunst in Huis, 11.11.2010

La joie se se perdre, group exhibition, Villa de Olmen - Wieze, 01.05.2013

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