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LASSUS, the Penitential Psalms

34' - 2019

How do we deal with confession and penance today? With the Penitential Psalms of Lassus as a guide, documentary filmmaker Griet Teck and Musica initiated conversation with three women from the Penitentiary Complex in Bruges. Within the walls and strict regulations of the prison, a different world exists. The women themselves can not be portrayed, but with music as a medium and the texts of the Old Testament as a source of inspiration; Griet Teck sketches an intimate portrait of three women and their personal experience of penance and guilt. 

An intimate conversation with three detained women about music, guilt, penance and redemption.


directed by & cinematography: Griet Teck 

interviews: Maud Seuntjens

sound: Marijn Clijsters

editing: Griet Teck

graphic design: Patty Kaes

A co-production by Musica, Impulse centre for Music & Concertgebouw Brugge in collaboration with Psallentes led by Hendrik Vanden Abeele, Penitentiary Center Bruges and De Rode Antraciet.

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feel my love

78' - 2014

"Beklijvende cinema." (Focus Knack)

"Een erg mooie, tedere, respectvolle en ook wel grappige docu." (De Morgen)

"Griet Teck weet de juiste snaar te betokkelen waardoor haar hartverwarmende sfeerportret o zo menselijk is, o zo authentiek, o zo raak en dus o zo diep treft." (Filmmagie)

"Een uitgepuurde en lichtvoetige documentaire, die een zware thematiek draaglijk maakt." (Focus Knack)

"Feel my love is wondermooie cinema." (Dewereldmorgen)

feel my love is a compelling observation of human existence and paints an intimate portrait of life and growing old with dementia. For an entire year, the documentary follows the people who live together in Huis Perrekes (Oosterlo, Belgium) as they go about their daily lives and rituals, supported by each other and by their loved ones. Using music as a motif, this consciously light-hearted film looks at what is still there, not at what has been lost. feel my love is about love, letting go, wonder and the human desire to be there until the very end. 

Produced by Wild Heart Productions  - Co-production by Canvas & Huis Perrekes vzw - Supported by VAF/Filmfonds, Flanders Image

The film held its World premiere at the International Film Festival of Rotterdam on January 25, 2014. 

The Belgian premiere took place at the International Documentary Film Festival Docville on May 7,  2014.

FEEL MY LOVE has been released in Belgian cinemas in October / November 2014.


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graduation short

20' - 2009

Inspired by a true story ‘STILL/HERE’ tells the story of Michael, an architect who survives a serious car accident. After a bizarre near-death experience he recovers. His relationship with Hannah is under pressure because he is unable to share what he feels. As he slowly recovers, he struggles with himself to find a place in a world he no longer understands.

Best Narrative - Foreign Film
Lone Pine Short Film Festival 2011
"Compelling, truthful, simple, heartbreaking and full of hope."

Selected for the Lucerne Int’l Film Festival, CH 2011
Selected for the Wildcard competition Leuven Kort, BE 12/2009
Screened at ‘Het Grote Ongeduld’, BE 2009


'Our normal waking consciousness is but one special type of consciousness, while all about it parted from it by the filmiest of screens there lie potential forms of consciousness entirely different. We may go through life without suspecting their existence, but apply the requisite stimulus and at a touch they are there in all their completeness… At any rate, they forbid our premature closing of accounts with reality.' William James, 1961 in Wilber 1993

shot on S16mm
Cast: Tibo Vandenborre, Abke Haring, Helena Debouver
Photography: Jonathan Wannyn
Editing: Tom Denoyette
Sounddesign: Senjan Jansen
Producer: Paul Celis
Script, director & production : Griet Teck


8'17" - 2010

In this sober handheld yet static black & white portrait, Griet Teck follows the daily rituals of her autistic brother 'Johan'. Poetry and brutal reality blend together in a very personal and touching story where humanity is the central theme.

"Griet Teck dares, in these times of art for art’s sake, or the opposite, art criticism by means of art, to choose for a small personal story. In this sober black/white short she follows the monotone days of her autistic brother. The repetitions in her editing are the repetitions in his life. She portrays him in a very raw, piercing way and transcends in that way the genre of documentary. (De Standaard - 9.11.2010)

Laureate Frappant Xpo (competition young artists), exhibited at the KBC-tower, Antwerp, 6/2010
Dag van de Kunstuitleen, Kunst in Huis, 11.11.2010
La joie se se perdre, group exhibition, Villa de Olmen - Wieze, 01.05.2013